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Ecogen Energy operates two gas-fired power stations in Victoria, Australia, one at Newport and the other at Jeeralang. These stations have a combined capacity of 960 MW or about 10% of Victoria's total generation capacity.

Newport is an intermediate load plant located on the west bank of the Yarra River, approximately 6km south-west of Melbourne in the surburb of Newport. It uses clean natural gas to generate steam in a boiler which supplies a three-stage steam turbine coupled to a generator to produce up to 510 MW of electrical power.

Jeeralang is a peaking plant located in an open rural environment in the Latrobe Valley, approximately 150km south-east of Melbourne and about 6 kms south of Morwell. Jeeralang consists of seven gas turbines configured to operate in single cycle mode. The plant is divided into two stations, "A" Station which consists of four gas turbines with a combined capacity of 220 MW and "B" Station comprised of three gas turbines with a combined capacity of 240 MW.